Australia construction contractor

Acted for major Australian construction contractor to source over 32 lawyers for its now national in-house legal team over a period of five years.

What makes them stand out from the crowd is their attention to detail, unbridled enthusiasm for your needs and sheer professionalism

General Counsel of major FMCG company, Sydney 

Our business has developed a leading reputation in Australia for targeted search supporting a core group of major corporations and leading fast-growing law firms.

Project example: In-house legal, infrastructure

We were instructed and retained by a major Australian construction contractor who's portfolio of projects includes most of the major iconic infrastructure across Australia. With only a General Counsel at the time, and a business which had increasing demand for strategic legal support, we consulted on the key objectives and organisational structure of the legal team and its alignment  with the commercial team. We devised a full recruitment strategy to attract some of the most talented construction lawyers over a course of 6 years. Initially growing a centralised pool of lawyers out of Sydney, this later developed to a national team with key points of contact in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. 

During this period there was a lack of senior lawyers with the appropriate experience in Australia and we therefore undertook a branded campaign to source both Australian returnees and foreign qualified via targeted search and advertising in the Middle East, the UK and Asia. This resulted in successfully sourcing 5 senior lawyers from overseas jurisdictions. 

We were responsible for sourcing 34 lawyers, most of whom are still with the organisation currently. Our ability to deliver on every retained brief inspired confidence and trust, and the more work we undertook, the more our knowledge of the client and its legal team increased - thus making us more efficient and enhancing further our chances of success. Due to the exclusivity and volume of work we were instructed on, we also modified our fee structure to ensure not only the highest quality of service but also positive bottom line impact.