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Are people your business?

What better way to explain the subtle contrast between a search consultant and a contingent recruiter than through an analogy. In this case, when people are your business, and your number one asset, not just a commodity -  do you want a tailor or the department store? 

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Group8 speak at HR in Law Conference 2018

Group8 CEO Miranda Hilton will be talking at the annual HR in Law Conference 2018, with emphasis on what makes lateral partners succeed in the legal world. The conference will include presentations, panel discussions from a range of speakers. 

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10 proverbs to inspire success

Giving wise, sage advice in a business environment without sounding cheesy or contrived is often a formidable task. Luckily, over the years, smarter people than ourselves have gifted us with sayings, slogans or mantras that summarise all the difficult advice that we sometimes struggle to formulate. We have chosen 10 proverbs to inspire a change in your professional life. 

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It's a lot like dating...Part two

In our first instalment we outlined how we, 'the wingmen' can facilitate a date, but now it's over to you, the candidate. What do you need to know going into that first meeting?

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