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Move in-house

We help senior lawyers with their transition to their first in-house position, or to make a lateral progressive move. The role of in-house counsel has significantly evolved and allows lawyers to be commercially aligned with one business.

An appealing option for many lawyers considering an alternative career path, we can advise on how and if you can position yourself for a move.

Why us?

We’ll arm you with relevant information to help you narrow down your options, and we will be honest. We have no agenda other than helping you.

Once you've decided where you want to get to, we'll help you navigate your way there - whether that be directly or via a 'step stone' approach. 

If we can't help you directly, we will ensure that you are  connected to those who can. 

Partners- private practice

We have a long track record in working with senior lawyers facilitating lateral moves at Partner level, or helping lawyers better position themselves for partnership. Having worked closely with a number of leading global law firms, we can offer referrals through our extensive global network which grows as we grow.

Why us?

We adopt a holistic approach, understanding that at this level it's not just a career move but a life move. 

We get personal and tailor our approach to the individual - the experience, motivations and personalities of Partners considering their options can vary widely.

We become your trusted adviser. To do this, we need you to be open in order to truly get to know you and what you want to achieve from working with us. 

Lateral partner recruitment processes can be intense, lengthy and detailed. However experienced and talented a partner may be, any firm needs to assess and justify that hire carefully and methodically. We will make sure you know exactly what to expect.

If we believe your career is best served by you remaining with your current firm, as can sometimes be the case, we'll tell you. 

Relocate overseas

We have developed relationships and worked with lawyers at all levels to facilitate overseas career moves around the world. We appreciate that career choices aren’t made in isolation. With a move overseas there are personal as well as professional factors to consider - we know because we've done it ourselves.

Contact the Cross-Border team

Why us?

All of our cross-border consultants have themselves experienced international relocations. We have detailed knowledge not only of the various legal markets but also what it's like to make the move, with or without a family.

Our team has lived in, and understands the culture of, all the regions we help relocate lawyers to.

Unlike many of our competitors, you will work closely with one consultant who will support, advise and represent you through the whole process. Any other approach creates a disconnect.


Career advisory

With very little time for contemplation, lawyers often find themselves on a track they didn't necessarily 'decide' to commit to. Sometimes guidance from experts, who will listen and advise you honestly, is what you need before deciding whether to take any action.

Understanding what options are open to you can help you to navigate your ideal career path, be that internally or externally. We regularly engage in confidential exploratory discussions with senior lawyers who want this level of service and support. Having facilitated moves at all levels within most major legal jurisdictions, we can give you a global view.

Why us?

We know our stuff. All of our highly experienced team have legal backgrounds, and have worked in all the international markets in which we operate.

We provide both in-depth analysis and personal experience of the jurisdiction and location you’re considering. 

We rely on repeat business and referrals  - it is mutually beneficial for us to be nothing but honest about the prospect of you achieving your goals.

A key part of our role is helping you understand what you need in order to achieve your ultimate vision and avoid all the pitfalls which could inhibit your development. 


Without doubt, the best consultant I ever used and once I found them, the only one I ever used, for over 10 years. Their level of knowledge, integrity and professionalism is reflective of what you would look for in the legal sector; and their level of passion and commitment to a successful outcome is something rarely seen in any sector.

General Counsel, Major Infrastructure Company, Australia

Group8 (formerly Spencer Scott Hilton) has assisted our firm for over 9 years. Their knowledge of the legal industry and innovative approach differentiates them from their competitors. But more so, they go to great lengths to ensure they know and understand our business in-depth, which in turn allows them to passionately advocate for our business. This unique formula is the secret to their success.

Managing Partner, Top 20 Global Law Firm

They convinced me to make my biggest career move and I have had no regrets since. They combine unsurpassed industry knowledge, unquestionable integrity and a pragmatic approach. Put simply, you can trust them to help you make the right decision - which is what you really need when faced with a life-changing decision like moving overseas.

Partner and now Global Management Board member, Top 20 Global Firm

You were fantastic. I've come across so many average recruiters in the past, so it's been great finding one who was ethical and genuinely interested in helping me find the right role. Constantly in touch throughout the process – they gave me lots of detailed advice not just about the opportunity but also the broader aspects of relocation.I'd recommend them without hesitation.

Senior lawyer, Magic Circle firm

Move In-house

Partners - Private Practice

Relocate Overseas

Career Advisory