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Why move abroad?...Here's why

Moving abroad is no small thing. There's a lot to be considered before taking the plunge but the Cross-border team at Group8 see relocating as a once in a lifetime opportunity. It's a big step into the unknown, but one with plenty of rewards...

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Relocating to Saudi, a new alternative?

There are changes occurring in Saudi Arabia and for the first time in the country's history there is a very visible move toward a more liberal and expatriate friendly society. Now could be the time to make what can seem like a daunting move. 

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Millennials: entitled or misunderstood?

Millennials are getting a hard time in the press and we want to know if it's all justified? The team at Group8 unpack the question at hand, exploring whether or not millennials are indeed as useless as they are made out to be or simply victims of the times. 

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Authenticity - Celebrating Pride London

Pride London takes place this weekend on the 7th and we saw the perfect opportunity to take a quick look at what authenticity, diversity and equality mean within a team and in society. 

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